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Monday, November 8, 2010

The Family That Once Was

As I sat at the dinner table last night, surrounded by my wife & five children, I watched each one as they prepared to eat their meal. I saw happy faces, glowing faces & loving faces. There was joy in our lives, hope in our hearts & peace of mind. Time changes everything.

We had regained a shurity that our family was together again in love. We were strong in our beliefs that all would be well. All would work together to keep that peace in our lives. Even things of grace & beauty come to an end. Forever, a fantasy, a misunderstood dream. So it is with love.

A fleeting experience. One that is here one moment & dies the next. Our hopes of a unified family were broken, shattered by unforeseen events. Events & elements that never should have been allowed to enter. 

Fight, pray & dream as you might, nothing is secure no matter how hard one tries. Do we continue to fight for that which is right, or do we, after loosing the battle, fighting for a cause that was lost before we started, continue to destroy our own hearts with fighting for love, or do we just throw up our hands & yield to the truth that the love we were fighting for never really existed? How foolish to keep trying when all is lost. When there is nothing left, what  is there to dream, to hope for?  

We no longer sit together as a family, for the family doesn't exist. It has been cast aside, forgotten as a thing of the past. The family that once was is no longer a reality, but only a memory of happier days. The lost love. A lost dream.Forever gone.

Dalton Lasher
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My heart aches tonight because  of  rejection. I am alone, isolated from the touch of the one I love. The pain is unbearable, causing tears to well up in my eyes. It is the thought of not being able to hold her, to feel that once familiar caress of love. 

Tonight, I am lonely. I feel tortured in my spirit because of the emptiness. I want to say something, to reach out to her, to let her know that I need her. I love love her & I want her.I miss her beside me in our bed. Her touch so special to me. Her love so precious. I am possessed with the haunting scent of being alone, totally alone, because I have no one to care, to touch, to return my love. 

I feel cast aside like a has been, a forgotten love for which no one has anymore use. I was so full of joy & now, I am empty with pain. I am no longer told that I am loved because I am not. I have become the forgotten relic of days of love gone by. 

If only to hold her, to touch her & to know that she loved me. She alone can take away this awful scent of loneliness.  

Copyright  2010 Dalton Lasher
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