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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Blacky Goes For A Walk

Our story begins far out in the country where you can walk for miles listening to the birds sing, while you catch a glimpse of scurrying, little animals as they dash to & fro, busying themselves with their daily tasks. The woods are filled with all kinds of creatures, such as raccoons, skunks, bear & porcupines, just to name a few.

When we think about the animals who live in the forest, we might imagine fuzzy ones, fat ones, big ones, short ones, tiny ones & hairy ones. We dream of animals who come out at night & all you see are two shining eyes against  the blackness of the dark. There are creatures who live there, who go about scurrying here & there gathering food to eat, while others move more slowly, creeping along their merry way. Here, you will meet some of our more colorful friends of the forest.

Blacky, the bear cub, we shall describe, as being small, round & cuddly with a tiny button nose, who waddles when he walks & has a bad habit of tripping over his own feet. One day, he decided to go for a walk through the woods. The sun was shining & it felt warm as its rays shone down, making little streams of light filter through the trees. It gave the forest a look of calmness & peacefulness. Flowers had been opening all around & those who lived in the woods were sleepily returning to their world filled with wonderful things to see & do. 

Winter had passed, & the beauty of Spring made every thing fresh & new. " This would truly be a great day for a stroll, " he thought. As he walked along through fields & meadows, he could hear birds joyfully singing as they began the task of building their nests high up in the trees. Blacky passed a huge log lying on the ground which aroused his curiosity. There on the log, he found a fuzzy, little caterpillar, slowly inching its way from one end to the other.

It was quite a sight  to behold, as the little creature moved ever so slowly & patiently on its way. It was in no hurry, & Blacky stood watching for quite awhile. Finally, it was time to go, so off he went as if he hadn't a care in the world. 

He dreamed about the time when the berries would be ripe & he could enjoy eating these treats. It made his mouth water as he thought abut eating mouthfuls of sweet honey fresh from the hive. The bees would soon be hard at work making his delicious snack. 

While Black was busy thinking about all the goodies that lay in store for him, he hadn't realized that he had been walking along the top of a steep hill that had a creek at the bottom. Without any warning, he tripped over his own feet, & tumbled head over heals down the hill with a bumpity, bumpity, bump, crashing headlong into the water below. There was a big slash, & there he sat dripping wet, looking dazed & bewildered. Slowly, he got to his feet teetering back & forth  as he tried to regain his balance & sense of direction. Here he was, all alone, soaking wet & feeling as foolish as he looked.
Just about then, he heard a voice. It was one he thought he knew, but just recovering from his fall, left him a little confused, to say the least.
" Hey, down there. " There was that voice again. Looking in the direction of the sound, he recognized his old friend Pokey Porcupine who also happened to be out for his morning stroll.
"Oh dear me. Oh dear me, " cried Black as he looked up into the face of  his pal. " I'm afraid I've taken a tumble & have gotten all wet. " There he stood, soaked from head to toe, his black fur dripping all around him. 

Now, Pokey was a curious creature, who was slow moving & not very smart. If you were to look at Pokey with all those quills on his back, you would think you were looking at a walking pin cushion. He felt like laughing at his friend sitting there at the bottom of the hill, but he remembered a time that he was in trouble himself. 

He had  been strolling along one day & had stopped to smell a flower in the field when suddenly, " Buzz, Buzz." There was something funny about this strange & beautiful flower. " Buzz, Buzz."  When out of nowhere, " OUCH ! " . He shrieked in pain as the bee aimed right for his little black nose. 

Pokey shook his head fiercely, trying to shake the pain of the sting. He rolled around on the ground swatting at his swollen nose, but nothing seemed to help. What a problem he had gotten himself into, all because he wanted to smell a flower. 

Blacky finally managed to climb his way to the top, but not without some difficulty. His little feet were thick with the gooey mud that stuck to him like paste, making him slip & slide & then, down he'd go again. It was obvious that his day was not starting out the way he had hoped.           

Dalton Lasher

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