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Saturday, September 11, 2010


Our family is one. Not in number, but in essence.
The Grandparents offer wisdom and truth to the younger generations.
They offer kindness and love as only a Grandparent can .
We, as parents have their wisdom past down to us from our parents,
With the obligation to pass it onto our children.
We give them comfort and love.
We supply their needs as best we can, and help them to understand that we are there to help,
To comfort, to support them in any way we can.
They are our life-blood,
Our next generation who will take over after we have passed to the other world.
We are a family.
Our children learn from us, from our parents.
The honour of the family.
They learn about bonding together as one in unity.
That bond can never be broken no matter where we may be.
It will stand the test of time through out the rest of our lives and theirs,
Plus the next generations to come,
As long as we , as  they continue to teach, to follow that which is right.
The paths we are given must be followed , must be upheld,
If they, if we are to survive as a person, as a people, as a nation of brothers and sisters together.
We are a family.
One people,
One nation,
One spirit,
And one heart together in a common bond.
Our heritage.

Dalton Lasher 2007
Copyright Makwawebsites 2007
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