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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Memories Of A Dead Soldier

I am a soldier.  I am every soldier who has ever put on a uniform.
I am the living & the dead who lie lifeless without hope nor breath.
They told me about being a soldier.
That I would serve my country well.
They did not tell me that I would have to die to do it.
I heard the sound of thunder in my ears.
But no, it was the sound of bombs all around me.
Terrified men screamed while I watched them fall to the ground.
Dead, forever dead.
 I saw the blood pour from their gaping wounds.
Little children ran in terror while parents suddenly stopped dead in their tracks.
Mommy is gone. Daddy is dead.
No life. I am alone.
I watched as men suddenly fell, as the sound of bullets rang in my ears.
There was no escape, only death.
Why did they send me here?
When you are here in the battle zone, you have no future.
You may be dead tomorrow.
Nothing but today to live for. 
Time has no condition for us here.
Only by minutes and seconds. 
You may have nothing else for your life.
I hid in terror, paralized, as they raped that girl.
I cried for her pain.
Will they come after me next?
That's what expect when you live in a war zone.
I cried as I was dying.
I saw mom & dads face.
Their smiles.
Things I will never see again.
They are many miles away & I am alone in this wasteland of death.
I am part of the forgotten.
Of the raveges of war.

Dalton Lasher

Copyright 2006 
Contact : makwawebsites@yahoo.ca


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