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Sunday, September 12, 2010

What Matters The Most

As I have said in God Help Me .... I'm Serious, I for years was an entertainer on stage. To be honest, most people who are in the audience, you don't remember. Simply because you meet so many, but then again, there are times & people you do remember very well. Such was the case when I was performing one afternoon at a park show. I was under the gazebo making animal balloons for the children. The day was sunny & the kids were happy. We were all having a lot of fun. Sometimes, life adds a bit more to remind us of the honest & simple things in our lives & how important they are. I never forgot. 
 There had to be around  fifty children all crowded around me & I was totally surrounded. As I continued to do the show, I happened to look up & noticed the crowd forming a path right down the centre. I had no idea what was happening, but continued with the show. 

All the children who attended were in age of up to about 12 years old. I looked up from what I was doing & saw this girl coming down through the middle of the group who was around sixteen years old. She just stood before me, saying nothing.  I was starting to feel abit uncomfortable because of the pressure of the show & as I said, she just stared at me intensely. 

It was evident she had Downs Syndrome. It wasn't her condition that made me uncomfortable, but being stared at so intently. I momentarily stopped the show to see what she wanted. As I said, I was handing out balloons, so that naturally crossed my mind. I asked her if she'd like an animal balloon. " No." Did she want her face painted? " No." That neither. 

I was at a loss then, so I simply asked her what I could do for her. Her answer came back so perfect & simplistically. " Can I have a hug?"  I set everything aside, stopped the show & wrapped my arms around her as she did me. In front of a waiting audience, I gave her what she wanted from her heart. It was as simple as that. She walked away with a smile as big as the world. That simple act had made her day as it had mine. An act of love in action & it is something that no one will ever be able to take away from her. 

I never saw her again, but one thing I do know is I never forgot her nor her request for a hug from a clown. 

Love in action. It can never be replaced. 

Blessings to her where ever she may be. You touched my life that day also. xo 

Bojo the Clown.
( Dalton )    

    Dalton Lasher

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