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Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Misadventures Of Freddie The Field Mouse

Our story begins far away in a meadow grove, deep within a farmers field in a land we shall call Smallville. For someone passing by, it might seem that nothing ever happens here, but, when you look closer, it reveals a world of mystery & intrigue. This is the story of Freddie The Field Mouse & His Friends.

It was dawn & the sun was just raising it's head over the horizon, awakening the inhabitants of our story to its warm rays as they flutter down upon the face of the earth. It seemed to beckon to our little friends that a fresh new day had arrived in all its glory, bringing to them, as yet, unknown adventures that their wildest dreams couldn't not imagine. 

Now, Freddie, as we have said, was a field mouse, but not some ordinary mouse. To observe Freddie at first glance, one would believe himself to be looking at an overly stuffed, waddling ball of fur, uncertain as to which end was up. Freddie, it seems had an uncontrollable desire to eat, & eat he did. Anywhere & anytime there was food to be found Freddie was there, happily munching away to his hearts content until every last morsel was gone. 

Surely, this would be a day to remember, for you see, not far from Freddie's burrow, was the farmhouse that went with his field & in that house were moving a new  family by the name of Jones.  ow, the Jones were city dwellers & not accustomed to the wildlife who lived on the farm, not even to the smallest rodents.

Time passed & as Freddie was finishing his morning breakfast, he heard a loud rumbling noise in the farmyard. Excitement & curiosity took over as he stood high as he possibly could on his tiptoes wavering back & forth, trying to discover what all the racket was about. His beady, little eyes staring straight ahead while his little button nose twitched nervously back & forth like the pendulum on a grandfather clock. 

Excitedly he ran as best he could to his closest neighbours house, Mrs. Hoppy who happened to be, as we would guess a rabbit & a very close friend of Freddie's. After explaining the situation to Mrs. Hoppy, the pair gathered outside, calling all their friends together in hopes of discovering who the intruder was. 

Silently, & with great care, they moved toward the house looking this way & that way, watching & listening for every move & sound in case danger lay ahead. By the time they reached the house, there were four curious creatures in all, namely, Mrs. Hoppy, Jumping Jack, the ground squirrel, Mr. Green, the  frog & mayor of Smallville, who lived in the pond just down from our friends & of course Freddie.  

Freddie being a natural born leader, decided to venture further than perhaps he should, for you see, in a place that is unlike our own, strange things can happen that we're not used to, causing problems like we've never before experienced. Mrs. Hoppy, being the nervous type, decided to leave well enough alone & go back home where it would be safe, but at the urgings of the other three, she reluctantly went along with them. 

Time passed, & as they reached the house, there loomed before them a big open door, inviting them to come in. No one was around so it seemed. The truck had left along with those strange human beings, who being so big by  our little friends standards, looked like monsters by comparison. What a strange place this ways, so huge & yet so beautiful. 

Silently, our four friends entered the house, their little hearts pounding faster than they ever had before. When they finally reached the end of the hallway, they again met another big  wooden door staring them right in the face. But, there was a difference. The door was closed & there seemed to be no  way to get through it . Freddie thought that maybe with his sharp teeth, just  maybe he could chew through it, but Jumping Jack convinced him it would take too long. 

 All of a sudden the notice a light at the other end of the door. " Ah ha! " A light meant an opening, for you see, it was a swinging door which had not been completely closed, leaving a crack just wide enough for each one to squeeze through. Mayor Green was the first one through, for it was agreed upon that he being so important, should go first. Next  came Mrs. Hoppy then Jumping Jack & finally Freddie. 

Just as Freddie started through the door, a gust of wind blew through the kitchen window, causing the door to swing and catching Freddie's tail in it. "Oh my tail," he screamed. "My tail, my tail. " At the same time the door gave our little  hero a bunt, sending him head over heels across the kitchen floor scaring the life out of poor Mrs. Jones, who happened to be alone in the house at the time. She had been lifting  a small box of cups that were neatly wrapped to protect them, when upon seeing a mouse she screamed, throwing the box in the air & smashing them all to pieces.

By this time, everything was in an uproar. Mayor Green wanting to investigate further hopped up on the table & landed in an open can of thick, black molasses. Realizing what had happened, he stretched one leg at a time trying to escape the sticky mess that stuck to the bottom of his feet. It stretched like glue trying to force him to stay in its grip. With great effort & such a look of disgust at what had happened, he climbed out of the can & down to the floor, all the while leaving tiny, sticky prints behind.

Mrs. Hoppy was so nervous & frightened that she kept looking around in hurried little glances for a way to escape, all the while crying to herself, " Oh dear me. Oh dear me. "While all this was going on, Jumping Jack was scampering in & out of the cupboards spilling flour, sugar & anything else that got in his way, out onto the floor. All of a sudden he was faced with a big bag of white beans that looked so tempting, He got so  excited at his good  fortune that he accidentally pushed the beans off the edge of the shelf & him along with it, causing him to land face down in the flour, which in turn sent clouds of the fine powder into the air covering everything in its path.

Regaining his senses & looking all the while like a weird snowman, he scampered at what he thought was top speed, all the while running on the beans that lay on the floor. His little feet were moving but he seemed to be going nowhere fast as he slipped & slid, falling again & again into the mess of flour.

     Freddie was  in a panic trying to get out of there, that he ran so fast tripping over his own feet, sending him once again head over heels & caused him to land smack dab against a wall with his feet in the air & his tiny head facing down. Finally, there was poor Mrs. Hoppy, our timid,little rabbit friend. She hoped so fast that she landed in what used to be a pound of butter that had been knocked to the floor in all the confusion. 

Before she realized what had happened, she found herself helplessly siding on her hind legs like a skater moving forward while her legs moved rapidly one ahead of the other, breaking the record for the fastest moving rabbit on a greased floor.

Each one in turn, as best they could made their way to the only exit the knew, the huge, old door. Hurriedly they ran, hopped & just plain tore  out of there as best the knew how. Freddie dazed & bewildered because of all his tumbles, Jumping Jack, looking for all the world like a long, skinny ghost, Mr. Green, leaving his little trail of prints behind while trying to keep his hind legs from sticking together & Mrs. Hoppy slipping & sliding with every step she took, looking the part of a butterball.
When the at last reached their respective homes, they settled down for along deserved rest, after cleaning up of course. Each one vowed that never again would they venture to places which were unknown to them, but would be content to live their lives as they were intended to do. 

The end.


Dalton Lasher

Copyright Makwawebsites 2010


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