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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Canada, Home Of The Privileged

There is a nation founded on the extreme northern section of North America. It is the nation of Canada. It is a land filled with wonder & awe.From the west coast to the east coast, the country is literally filled with an over abundance of beauty & charm.I would like to show you, the reader, some of this beauty.

Canada, as a nation is 117 years old. We are, by comparison, a virgin land, but we have a heritage to love & be proud of. We are, or should be one in unity, completely bound together, holding ourselves up to a dying world as a proud & industrious Canadians. Like the phrase says, " A nation divided against itself cannot stand." We are an example of the highest standard of living with-in a unified nation to a world on the brink of self destruction & annihilation.

In British Columbia, we see the rugged beauty of the majestically snow capped Rockies, nestled amongst fluffy white clouds as they encircle themselves around the frozen tips of the range.They create the illusion of being completely hidden from the rest of the world.

They loom in magnificent splendor over lush, green valleys, filled with the raw essence of nature itself. It is an industrious land filled with cities &  factories. This province is but the outskirts of a great nation.

Alberta & Saskatchewan exhibit with pride our many vast tar sands fields. These provinces are the bread baskets, as it were to Canada & many other nations of the world. It is a land rich in wheat. A person could travel for miles on end& be amazed at the never ending acres of wheat & grain gracefully waltzing back & forth ever so gently in the western breeze. The landscape is decked every now & then with huge grain elevators, towering over the land, silently awaiting its fill of the harvest.

Manitoba produces a large variety of natural resources within its own border. It is rich in wheat & metal production. It also produces such things as salt, gypsum & hydro. It is a beautiful section dotted with lakes & rivers of unusual beauty.

The beauty of the woodlands of Ontario is breath taking with our innumerable amount of clear water lakes & rivers. All teaming with a multitude of fresh water fish of various sorts, while our rich woodlands boasts of countless moose, bear & deer, not to mention a large number of smaller species. Our roaming hills & highways seem to sing a song all their own as they expose a much envied beauty only to this province.

It is an unforgettable experience to stand & listen to the woodland birds after a good Ontario rain, while the land gradually returns to her natural state of complacency. By the Spring, you can be overwhelmed by the magnificent & colorful array of flowers, as they burst forth into new& vibrant life. It is as if God himself had ordered the re-creation of all things. It is truly a blessed province. 

The heritage & culture passed from generation to generation is revealed through out Quebec. It is a land decked with churches & a life style all its own. There is a special beauty from the trees as their leaves begin to turn in the fall, displaying a massive array of colors highlighting the landscape round about. 
Quebec is a province settled in strong political convictions, but even through the strife & upsetting conditions that erupt from time to time, it cannot be denied that this solitary province is part of our great nation bounded together as one. 

New Brunswick is next with her multiple inlets & bays. It is also one of the top leaders in Canada for fishing & mining. Old country roads dot the province from time to time & add to its beauty & elegance.

The Atlantic region of Nova Scotia has charm all its own, as you stand & watch as the sun slowly rises over the horizon, bringing to life a new, full day of adventure & work. The placidness is beautiful as the fishing vessels lazily rock back & forth in the early morning air. It a time for another day of harvesting the yield of fish handed over by the sea. 

This land has another side to it, as the briny waters roaring rush toward the craggy shores, creating bursts of thunder as it were.The sting of the water slapping you in the face gives a faint bit if knowledge of the life in this area of Canada. 

Those who work deep in the mines find themselves spending half their lives in the bowels of the earth. It is an environment known only to a select few. There are the huge lobster pots boiling away as the bubbles heartily dance on top, creating little symphonies all their own. 

The smell of seafood lingers in the atmosphere of the fish markets as the goods of multiple types of fish are laid out in full display for the customer to choose from. 

Finally, we have Prince Edward Island, Cape Breton Island & Newfoundland. These last three lend a special touch of magic as the tales of long ago are brought to life around many a camp fire. Fishermen sit around, telling of younger days at sea & how the waves would literally cover the ship & of the catches made. These are the provinces of the past, & yet, they are ever creating new memories for another season.

What I have tried to portray in this article is but a scratch of the surface of what this great fulfilling country of our is really like. She is great, not only in the sense if being tops in resources & manufacturing, but also in the fact it is a country with unlimited possibilities. 

                                                     Dalton Lasher

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