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Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Picnic

Picnics are fun & the most enjoyable times are when you can share the food & fun with your friends. Blacky, the bear cub decided he would like to have a picnic. It would be a perfect day, with lots of good food, great friends & lots of fun besides. What a wonderful day they would have sharing their time together. Blacky got in touch with his friends & made the necessary plans. They would hold the picnic tomorrow morning. Everyone would be there & they could all enjoy themselves. It would truly be something to look forward to.

The day had arrived for their big outing. It was going to be warm, & the sun was shining brightly. Blacky, the cub was all set, as he left his house with is fish, berries & a little pail of yellow, golden honey. It was summer now, & the bees had been hard at work making the sweet treat.

Chipper Chipmunk had his share of nuts to bring. After hearing about the picnic, he had set off gathering what he wanted to bring for the special day. The last our friends had seen him, he had been scurrying along an old wooden fence, his tiny feet travelling as fast as they could go. His little pouches were packed as full as he could stuff them with nuts for the feast he would attend. He wanted to bring his share of goodies & had worked hard to do his part. 

Pokey Porcupine brought along his choicest twigs & barks to munch on, Pee U Skunk of course, brought along his tasty, roasted chicken. Pee U Skunk is the little stinker of the group, letting his presence be known where ever he goes. He's black in color with is long white stripe running down is back as if someone had taken a paint brush & with one stroke started painting him, but never finished. He's a mischief maker, but at the same time, he can be as gentle as a lamb, as long as you don't get to close to him when he's upset. 

Pee U lives in a hollow log with as white mailbox trimmed in pink, standing proudly outside. It's his pride & joy because it stands so tall & straight bearing the words, " Pee U " on it's side. For years, it wasn't his real name, but a nickname that seemed to have stuck with him. For some strange reason, poor, little Pee U couldn't remember nor understand why anyone would give him a name such as that. But, that was the title he had & he was determined to wear it proudly. 

The friends met under the old oak tree that was near the meadow for their outing. Each had their own treat with them & it was sure to be a great time shared by all. It had rained the night before, making the world seem fresh & new. The trees were nice & clean & the flowers seemed to have brighter colors than usual. Blacky & his friends were having fun as they marched around playing games & enjoying each other's company. 

Someone suggested they go down to the river's edge to play. It would be great fun & they could leave their food without worrying about it being touched. So, down they went, one by one toward the river bank. They romped & splashed covering each other with floods of water. There they played for the longest time until they decided it was time to eat. Ever so slowly, & not really wanting to leave their fun, they began to march back to where they had left their baskets of food. They had come only a short distance from where their goodies were waiting for them when they heard a big crash. Bandit the raccoon had stumbled across their picnic baskets. 

Bandit was a funny creature with short, stubby legs & a long fuzzy tail. The strangest thing about him is the fact that he always wears a black mask to cover his eyes. This way he thinks that no one will know who he is. Usually, you would find him busy at work gathering clams & shell fish for his dinner, but he will steal when he doesn't want to work for himself. He is sly with his shifty eyes & quick moves, always sniffing the air in hopes of finding a tasty morsel of food whether it belongs to him or not. When he walks, he moves about with his head bent low, making himself believe that no one sees him. But, there are always eyes watching him, for you see, Bandit is the kind of creature you don't leave anything around if you want to keep it safe. 

When he found the picnic baskets, he had become so greedy in wanting to carry off his find that he fell head long in his excitement into a patch of poison ivy. At hearing the crash, poor Pee U Skunk turned to ask Chipper Chipmunk what was going on. He got so nervous that his tail went straight up, making him spray the air with his foul smelling perfume & catching Bandit right in the face. Bandit was busy trying to scurry around to get out of the troublesome weeds. He wiggled & twisted, going around & around in circles, trying to shake the ugly smell that clung to him like glue. 

He had been in trouble before, but never anything like this. His coat reeked from the smell of skunk & nothing seemed to help. The sight of Raccoon acting so foolish made our friends roar with laughter. It was guaranteed that after today Bandit would be changing his ways.     
Dalton Lasher
Copyright Makwawebsites 2010

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