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Sunday, September 12, 2010


Many times in life we experience things that we perceive to be explainable. Some are amusing & some can be quite frightening. I believe there is an answer for all things, no matter how bizarre they may seem, & sometimes not the answer we want or expect. We have moments when we remember doing a certain thing & yet we know we have never experienced it before. Or, we may remember dreaming of an event taking place & actually having it happen to us. Perhaps you 've heard  someone calling your name, only to find out that there was no one there, at least no one you could see. I too have had such things happen in my life & so much more. Welcome to my world. Very real, very fascinating & sometimes a bit terrifying. Only when you are part of things like this can you ever begin to understand. Happy reading. Any questions you may have about what I have written here, I will be happy to answer. Write me at : 

  My name is Dalton Lasher & I was born with the gift of psychic ability, plus being able to sense the presence of spirits, both seeing them in some cases & hearing certain things & feeling their touch. I know, Twilight Zone. DO DO DO DO. DO DO DO DO .
I also was born with the ability to touch a person with a healing touch. I have seen times when I was able to tell a person what they were about to say even before they opened their mouth to say a word. I somehow see the words they are about to speak. I know. You're first reaction is, " Is this guy nuts ? " Not at all. I'm what psychics call a " Supra Celestrial Being." Am I an angel ? Ha ! I wish. No, I'm nothing more than a regular guy but as with others out there, I was born a little different. Don't ever envy someone who's different like that. Sometimes it can really make you wish you were never born with the extra gifts. I know, I've been there. 
Sometimes you become exposed to things that you think are only on the Hollywood screen. We are all born with gifts. It all depends on whether we search out our gifts & exorcise them to bring them to the surface. so we can utilize them to their fullest potential.

It is said that we, as humans use only about 10 % of our brain. Along time ago, I wondered about that & the why as to this if it is accurate. I honestly believe I have found the answer. It isn't in the physical that the remaining 90 % lies dormant. It's the energy, our spiritual if you will, our potential to do what others have done centuries ago that because of so-called civilization, we have lost the touch to perform things that we no longer do. 

We tend to make the mistake of thinking that we, as humans are physical in the whole sense of the word. Not so. We are spirits living inside these bodies made from flesh & blood. This accounts for various sightings of those from the spirit realm. It also accounts for the fact that so many, no matter what their religion, teach that they go at death to a better place.The body enters the ground or some other means is used, but the spirit, us, leaves the body & moves on to our next destination. Death is nothing more than a transition to the next world or realm. Nothing to fear. I teach that we are like the turtle, the shell is not the true turtle but the shell it lives in. So it is with us. We are living inside these flesh & blood shells but will one day move on to a life where there is no pain nor death or anything negative.  

I've always known that I was different from most folk only that I didn't know exactly why. I could always feel a presence like an energy, a spirit of somone else living inside me, like something extra there. I've had people tell me that when they touched me or hugged me, they would experience something. I became curious once & started asking questions about it. The answer always came back the same. It was an electric energy flowing from me to them. Not like the shock you get sometimes from touching people or things, but a different kind of charge going through them.

One of these reports came from one of my family members who volunteered the information.  A shocking experience. Sorry for the pun. Some have even mentioned about a cold feeling that made them shiver when they touched me. I know that when I touch a person for healing, I can always tell when the healing takes place. I feel inside myself energy flowing out the tips of my fingers which causes a shiver to run down my spine. It's not a cold shiver but a reaction, if you will that causes my shoulders & upper body part to shiver. I also have this same reaction when I sense a spirit passing by me. 

Others have told me, after meeting me in person that for months later they would see me in the spirit form in their house, always in the same place on the couch each morning. This came from a lady who is now a good friend of mine. She lives in England, 5,000 miles away from me. At that time, I had never been to her home in the flesh. She would enter her living room each morning only to find me sitting there smiling & I would vanish. 

This went on for months until I decided to take a trip to their house. After I returned to Canada, the appearances stopped in that form. During this same time, I was experiencing my body starting to feel sickly & run down with each day that passed. Once I visited them & the house, my deterioration in my body stopped. She still goes into my old bedroom which is now unoccupied only to find a gentle spirit, as she calls it, of me in there. Like a " calming presence" as she says. 

      When I visited their home I found out that her husband, who is now a good friend also mentioned to her about a calming spirit coming from me. I am truly honored that I possess this spirit. I didn't even realize that it was there & so evident to others. 

When I was about 9 years old, I used to sit in front of the television watching it with my family. Nothing unusual about that. We had an old black & white TV set. Some of us remember them. We'd happily sit around at night as a family watching the programs that were on. In those days, televisions needed a lot of modernizing. They would continually "flip" or " roll" as we used to call it, with a horizontal line across the screen. The line would cause the picture to move to the top of the screen & roll around bringing it back up on the screen. 

I first discovered that something was weird during this time in those days of my youth when I was young & innocent. Well, maybe not so innocent when I think about things I used to get into. Anyway, we sat there & the screen would start flipping. I used to think it was a pain trying to watch the set only to have it act up. 

One night I remember, I started staring at the set & the flipping stopped. I then mentally commanded the line on the screen to move up & then down slowly & then stop. These lines never ever moved downward only up the screen. I found that with practice I was able to control the movement of the set with my mind & my eyes to do whatever I wanted it to do. If I wanted it to stop I would in my mind give the command or move a certain way as it would obey as I was directing it to do.

As a kid, I thought nothing of being able to do these things as I thought that everyone was able to do it. That was the beginning of a life of many weird & awesome events that happened to myself & my family.

I remember years ago when I was visiting a relatives home, that we had a strange experience. We were all sitting around enjoying the evening when my father-law decided to take their dog out to go to the bathroom. The rest of us stayed in the house continuing our visit. At the time, they owned a black lab. I mention this because it is essential to what I am about to say. After about ten minutes, I happened to look down & remarked that I thought Jim had taken the dog out. Everyone agreed that he had & as yet, he hadn't returned. Therefore, the dog was still outside with him. Everyone in the room saw what I am about to say here. I looked down at my feet & there lay the black lab with is head on his paws. We all looked at each other in disbelief. A couple minutes later, my father-law came back in the house with the actual dog. As soon as he entered with the dog, the one at my feet disappeared. We literally saw this other dog vanish into thin air. 

We are of Native decent & spirits are not unfamiliar to us or our people. I am of the Makwa people, which happens to also be my Native name. It means " Bear." I am of the Shaman people which is as some non natives call "medicine men". They not only dealt with herbal medicines to heal the people of the tribe but the spirit realm as well. 

In my home you will find all sorts of Native artifacts, statues & the like. We like being surrounded by items of our people. I have lain awake at night when all is silent, & as it seems, out of nowhere I would hear items being moved around on a small table I have in my bedroom. Only the native items though. On two separate occasions I have been awakened out of a light sleep by a child touching me on the shoulder. I could tell it was a small child by the touch.

Shortly after this experience, I had been in a restaurant having coffee with another person when I suddenly saw out the window a brave, (male native) kneeling on the ground with is hands raised in the air. His long, straight black hair flowing down his bare back. He reminded me of our people 100 years ago plus in dress & sincerity of his spirit. I heard him wail & cry a prayer that was unmistakable as it was one that came from his very being in all honesty & truth. It was a plea he was making to the Creator. A plea of earnest love emitting from his inner most being. I have since been told that he is my spirit guide. Wails that come only from the heart of one truly seeking an answer or guidance. The vision lasted only about 5 seconds, but was so vivid that it impressed itself on my mind & in my spirit. It was a very touching scene & left a lasting impression on me. When I asked as to whether this had been seen by the other person, they told me that they neither saw nor heard anything & everything was normal as if nothing had happened.   

My little 10 year old daughter came to me two weeks later, telling me about seeing this little girl in my room. I had her describe her to me. She told me of seeing this little girl dressed in regalia. Beside her, stood a tall man with long black hair. They said nothing but looked at her. The man she said was holding something in his hands as they were folded in front of him towards his chest. I identified this as a peace offering. Shortly after that, I heard my daughter having various conversations in her room. It wasn't the kind that a child would have with an invisible friend but instead, an actual conversation between two people. I could only hear her side & it definitely was a real conversation. I asked her about it one night & she told me that she had indeed been talking with the same little girl who she saw that time in my room. Her name was Makala & she was of the Algonquin tribe. My children's heritage is Algonquin & Blackfoot. 

It turned out that Makala is Becky's spirit guide & her Dad that I saw along with Becky is mine. I have called on him many times & he's always there to answer & guide when I need him. I know that someday I'll meet this man. I'm looking foreword to it. He has become my best friend in the next realm.

I actually went one night into my daughter's room to tuck her in when she was having her talks with Makala & I sensed a strong presence in there with her. It was time for bed & my daughter was in the middle of the conversation. Problem was, it was school the next day. I very gently told Makala that Becky needed her rest now & that she was welcome here anytime to talk with my daughter. At that, amidst Becky's..  " Just a few minutes more Dad," I could feel Makala gently moving away from the bed where she was sitting. She slowly & ever so gently left that night. She of course has returned many times to speak with Becky. Becky is a very sensitive child when it comes to the paranormal. She has proven this to me many times.          

I have a friend who lives in England. We have spent considerable time talking on the net & on the phone. I have visited their home there too. I remember once when I was sensing in the graveyard. The one near my home has an unusual amount of paranormal activity. The most I have ever seen for an area. That night I had a weird experience. Everything was going fine until I came to the end of one of the paths that's in the middle of the cemetery. My daughter's boyfriend was with me at the time. he has seen various things as I have. As I approached the bend in the path, he stopped me & said there was an old woman standing off to the side dressed in white. She stood there pointing at me. I asked him if she was saying anything as I couldn't pick it up. His response was that she was but he couldn't make it out as the sound wasn't audible. He said she seemed angry at me for some reason. After all this time, we have wondered if it wasn't a warning. Suddenly, I felt dizzy. Not much at first, but it rapidly got worse until I was afraid I was about to fall. I couldn't see from being so dizzy. I made my way over to a small headstone that was near me & sat down , placing my head in my hands until the dizziness subsided. After about twenty minutes, he helped me home. Actually, he almost had to carry me & every ounce of strength had been drained from me. I hadn't really known what had hit me as I had never experienced anything like this before.

When I came in, my eldest daughter was on the computer talking to my friend in the UK. Here in Canada, it was 11 PM. In the UK, it was 4 AM. When I found out who she was talking to, I told my daughter that I needed to get on the computer to see if everything was alright over there. I could hardly move from the exhaustion. I asked my friend what she was doing up so early. She told me that she had had a dream about me . In her dream, she saw me in a dark place. She said that she saw me sitting on some kind of stone with my head in my hands. She could tell that I was distressed about something. I then relayed to her what had happened to me just minutes before. She immediately came online to see if I was alright. She has also seen me in dreams falling & hitting my head on a low stone & in another dream, almost being hit in her car by another driver. These two instances haven't happened yet but I'm very cautious. Since this time, as with other times, my friend & my daughter have made it quite clear that I am not to be left alone when I 'm in the graveyard. My daughter's boyfriend has become my personal bodyguard when I'm there. I can't tell you of the numerous times he literally has saved me from falling over.. yes.. low stones that I couldn't see.

Not all things turn out to be weird & unexpected. Some things can end up being fun. I have the ability when my psychic energy is high to walk under street lights, making them turn off when I approach them & them coming back on after I've past them. When this first started, it took us by surprise. We weren't sure as to what was going on, until we gave it a lot of thought & it finally dawned on us. I have come to the place when all is right when I can concentrate on lights & they will react by the wave of my hand. Energy has to be really high though. 

Once we were walking with the kids at night. We were just talking  & walking when the light we past under suddenly went out. I smiled to myself not thinking much about it. Out of nowhere, my youngest son spoke up & said, " Dad, will you stop that? " What was I supposed to do? 

 Amazing things can be seen if you're in the right place & at the right time. . Like the elderly man I saw walking across the back of the graveyard one night. He was quite old, bent over, over weight & obviously had his mind set on where he was going by his walk. This was about 10:30 at night. It's very dark through that area then. No sound, only him showing up to me. I saw him appear as if he where coming through a door & he was, leading into the area of the cemetery where I was in the back. Where he actually appeared from, there is a solid block wall. He walked a few yards & then vanished again. This proved to me that those in spirit have directives & directions to follow just as we do in this life. 

This happened once before with a man I saw. He was thin in appearance, walking in long strides, obviously determined as to his direction as to where he was going. It was clearly evident he was walking with a purpose, not just half haphazardly. 

Once, when I was in the graveyard, I saw what I thought was a reflection. It turned out to be an image all its own. I had just entered the graveyard, when I noticed a white cross on the bark of a huge Maple tree just inside the gates. It seemed appropriate in a cemetery, but in one way out of place considering it wasn't there before. This was not a wooden cross nor any other material. It was just there. I put my hand up to it & it shone on my hand. The cross was a perfect image. At first I thought it was a reflection from something from one of the houses near the area. When I checked it out, there was nothing that even closely resembled a cross. I returned a few nights later but the image had vanished, never to return. 

As I have said, I have never seen a cemetery where there is so much activity as there is there. Presences have been felt there. People who where not of this realm have been seen by me & others. The instances I have written about took place in this same graveyard. One night I decided to go to see if there was any activity. I was with my daughter's boyfriend walking along the paths that wind their way through the grounds. Out of nowhere we saw lights. At first we thought they were from flashlights. It concerned us not knowing who else might be in there so late at night, so we hid behind a huge stone out of sight. We needed to know that we were safe. We knelt there, watching the lights when one started to go higher in the air. At first we thought that maybe someone was shining the lights in the trees. There were about ten lights there at the time. Most were white but a couple where red. They were perfectly round in appearance. Some brighter then others. 

Suddenly, all the lights started to move & then started floating upwards toward a stand of woods that was right behind them. It still made me think that maybe it was from flashlights but we couldn't see other people there. We had a clear view to all this. What changed my mind was the fact that the lights were actually moving by themselves up toward the tree tops & maneuvering themselves into the woods. There was no trail of light like a flashlight would make or any other light for that matter. These were separate, individual lights moving on their own by their own will. 

Humans can't get into those woods at night without falling. They are thick with trees & it is pitch dark in there. The lights never once shone or moved along the ground as a regular light would. What really made us stop & take notice was the fact that when we saw these lights moving, we headed over to where they were & indeed, there was no one around. No humans at all were in the area. It dawned on us that what we where seeing was a large group of orbs moving around. It was a rare occasion for us to see this. One that was truly awesome & something I will never forget.      

There was a time when all this was new to us. We had moved into an older house that we soon found was occupied by spirits. We had never dealt with them before & didn't know what to make of it all. I had went to work with nothing out of the ordinary going on. When I got home though, my wife asked if I had been home earlier. I told her that I hadn't been home all day. She told me, & the children heard this too, my footsteps coming up the stairs toward the upper part of the house where they all were at the time.We soon learned that the kitchen cupboards had a habit of opening themselves, usually at nighttime.

One night, we actually saw something that made us stop & think. It wasn't anything too remarkable within itself. We had bought a new stereo & I had left the box with the Styrofoam in the middle of the floor. We were talking when we heard something in the box moving around. We just assumed that a mouse had gotten in the house from the field we had outback. The sound continued, so I went over to the box to try & trap the mouse. 

I took a broom handle to try to stir up the contents so I wouldn't get bit. When I moved the foam around though, I found that  there was nothing at all in the box. I expected to see a mouse. I took out the packaging & sorted through it.What I did see, was foam moving around by itself. No mouse only the foam. 

 This same house has had spirit occupants for quite some time. We had become friends at the time with people who knew just as much, if not more than we did about what was going on. During our conversations, we started telling them about the various goings on that were happening. We were stopped in the middle of the sentence with, " You don't have to tell us anything about that house. " It turned out that they used to go to parties there before we moved in.We ended up hearing stories about cupboards opening by themselves, sounds. All kinds of spirit happenings.

I remember one day I had gotten ready for work. We heated with an old wood stove, so just before walking out the door that morning I brought in wood so everyone would be warm while I was away. Later that evening, my wife mentioned to me about it. "Yes, I had brought in quite a bit of wood." What she told me made me sit up straight. The wood that I did indeed brought in wasn't in the wood box when she went to put some in the stove. I carried enough wood in the house that day to fill the wood box & yet, it wasn't there for them. Go figure.

There are times when things happen that we can't control or even expect. Such was the time on my birthday. One of the things I received was a clock from the children in the shape of a pentagram. Please, before you log off in a huff, the pentagram is not a symbol of Satan or anything else like that. It is a symbol of life with the elements that we all need to keep us alive in this world plus the Spirit, the giver of life. I'm Wiccan, but that doesn't make me evil. Relax.

Now, back to my story. The teachings that all things hold energy is true. The second hand had come loose & of course wouldn't move as it was supposed to. My wife then, had been trying to get a CD of hers to play properly, but it had a scratchy sound to it instead. Nothing abnormal there. It had just seen better days I guess. She was about to put the CD back in the case when I happened to look at it from where I was sitting. I no sooner turned my head away & " BANG!" The CD blew up. I don't mean it cracked or simply broke. I mean there was a sound like a gun going off & it literally shattered in a million pieces in her hand but still in a perfect circle as it was before for no apparent reason. Shards of plastic lay there in the palm of her hand which a moment ago had been her CD. In one way I had felt sorry for her. All she did was look down at it , sitting there with it in her hand & said, " It broke," & then stared at me. We had a few people in that night & everyone present saw what had happened as it literally disintegrated in her hand. I still have three of the pieces that I kept from that night.

Dealing with the dead can be a very revealing experience. The first time this happened to me, I remember, it was late at night & I was sitting alone in a rocking chair in the living room. I was a teenager at the time & had never before experienced a presence like this. It wasn't a frightening experience, just revealing. A tremendously profound revealing experience. Everyone was asleep & the house was quiet except for the TV that I had on low. I was sitting there enjoying the movie when I felt this presence hovering over me. It struck me as odd, but I knew instantly that it was a person who I knew who was sad. Not just a mild sadness, but a deep heart wrenching sadness that causes rivers of tears to flow. A sadness that literally tears you apart in your soul.

There didn't seem to be a message from this person, but I instantly knew who it was. It was a man who was a mild acquaintance. An older man. He had such sorrow in his soul for some reason. The thing was, I had seen him the day before & everything seemed fine. The depressing feeling was so intense that I wanted to cry. The feeling just hovered over me. This heartbreaking sorrow, directly above me. Little did I know that I was soon to find to what it was all about. After a few minutes, the presence left me & all was calm.

 The next day, I mentioned this to a friend of mine who was also acquainted with this man. What I heard next hit me, " Didn't you know, Last night Bill died of a heart attack around midnight.? " That was the exact time I started to sense this presence. He had crossed over & came to me. 

The strangest thing that has ever happened to me happened a few years ago. I'm convinced that this was no ordinary spirit activity.I had just gotten out of a relationship, & was trying to get back into the swing of things. My daughters boyfriend was online when I came in the house this night. He mentioned to me that there was some woman who he had been talking to on the Internet.When I asked who she was, he said he wasn't sure. He also told me that her screen had just popped up out of nowhere.
I asked him how she had gotten my IP. He didn't know that either but she seemed to be asking directly for me.

I sat down at the computer & asked her who she was, & what she wanted. Her direct words to me were, " I"m looking for a wizard." What the hell ? About ten minutes later, she was back online with the same request. I was curious as to what this person wanted. I told her who I was & yes, I practiced Wicca in my beliefs. She then proceeded to ask about such things as spells & the like. I told her that I rarely used them myself, but I was willing to direct her to someone who maybe could help. She hung on. She wanted to talk to me. I didn't even know her. I then asked how she had been able to contact me. Her answer was that she had gotten my Internet address from a site that I belong to in the wizard community. 

I knew this to be false as " the group" doesn't give out personal information such as IP address' or anything else for the sake of our privacy. There is so much misinformation & misunderstanding about people like us. We have to be careful even in this day & age. Religious persecution still exists from mainly those of other religions. So much for love & tolerance. 

I asked her out of curiosity what kind of spell she was looking for. She said she wanted one to help her live a long life. OK ! I wish we all had such a spell. I told her I didn't have such a thing & I seriously doubted that anyone did. Anyways, it wouldn't work even if I did have one. She was determined to get what she wanted. I couldn't get rid of her, so I decided to shut down her screen & "BAM" she was right back on in my face as fast as I shut her down. I was becoming a little agitated with this. I had more important things to do than talk to this wacko. What happened next really threw me for loop though. I asked her name & she told me. The thing is, her first name is exactly the same as the name of the lady that I had been in the relationship with. This woman's last name is the same as as my ex's brother's first name. Coincident? I don't think so. Besides, I don't believe in such things. 

I noticed something really odd in her typing too. She was making the same spelling mistakes as my ex had in many of our conversations online. Even down to phrases & terminology. It was the very same. Her writing structure was the same. I started to think that my ex was doing this for some weird reason to get back at me.

Out of nowhere, my screen went crazy. I had to look twice, literally, as to what I was seeing. It was filled with phrases such as " baby rapist." Vulgarity beyond belief. Over & over. Again & again in a row the same phrases repeated. The thing that I noticed was that the phrases were on the screen so fast that it didn't add up as to how anyone could type that fast. It was like lightning.  They weren't being sent a small amount at a time. The whole damn screen was instantly filled with this type of talk. All sorts of vicious terms beyond belief. Filled with ultimate hatred & threats. I had never in my life seen anything like this. It was like a split second & there was a long list of sick, evil remarks against me. This person was phyco.

This woman was also from the same country as my ex. I asked her what her phone number was & surprisingly she gave it to me. I was shocked as to what was going on. I honestly thought that this was the person I had been involved with. I was convinced. Although, I couldn't believe she would do something as terrible as this. It was like a scene from a movie of horror. This kept up for about a week. She asked if I would like a picture of her. I told her yes out of curiosity. I was dumbfounded. Her picture looked almost identical to my ex's sister' who is a friend of mine. ' That did it. I contacted my ex's family overseas to see if they knew what the hell was going on. They thought themselves that it was my ex because of all the evidence  that seemed to be legitimate. Our conversations would start off normally & then without warning all hell would break loose. 

I'm sure you're asking why I continued to speak with this woman? I did it because as I said I had thought this to be my ex. None of this made sense as she isn't like that in her character. I needed inside myself to know the truth. 

I decided to trick her to see if it was my ex so I used an Algonquin phrase which means, " Hello." I thought this would prove one way or another as to who this was. I had taught my ex some Algonquin in the past & I knew that only she would have known this. Her response back was, " Hello' in English. I said to her that I knew it was her because of the phrase. She said that it was a common phrase in the UK. That I knew to be a lie as British people know very little in reality about us as Natives. All they have is what they are taught in school which is usually not correct information or misinformed stories from Hollywood. 

Finally, my friend in the UK said she was going to call her on the phone just to see what would happen. She wanted to know if I'd be willing to talk with her if she answered. I told her " yes, I'd like to." More or less to be assured that this wasn't a trick of my ex's. Look at the evidence as it stands. 

She insisted on talking directly to me after I introduced myself.
She has the same first name as my ex.
Her last name is the same as my ex's brother's first name.
Her picture is almost identical in every way to my ex's sister picture in appearance.
She knows a language that by rights she shouldn't know. I taught my ex. The woman contacted me out of nowhere. Literally.
She is from the same country. The thing is, is that my ex lives 500 miles away from this person.
How did she know which organization to contact to try to get an Internet address? Lucky chance? Not likely. There were too many weird things about this whole incident. Even my ex didn't know which ones I belong to. I never told her.
I found out that my ex was in their living room when the call was placed to this woman. She was nowhere near the area nor had she been.
She admitted to me that  she was deeply hurt with me thinking that she would do something as horrible as this to me, but, everything pointed her way.

The call was made from my friends phone to hers. I could hear everything & even talk to this woman through my computer which I did. It was astounding. The person who answered was mild mannered, mellow & very kind. Yes, she recognized my name. Yes, she had indeed been in contact with me. After a short conversation, we ended the talk. I've since blocked her from getting through to me. I'm glad I did. It definitely was an ordeal that I remember that I'd sooner forget. I've had it suggested that just maybe I was dealing with a lot more than just a mere human being. I tend to agree. No mere mortal could know things or come across so perfectly that way. The thing is, it all started a week after our relationship ended.

The online attacks on me were unbelievable. It wasn't against anyone else here, just me. I firmly believe I was under attack from an negative entity that was controlling this woman. She knew far too much about my life. Too much for my liking.

Since that time I had the Internet cut off for a couple years. It shocked me one day when I had it hooked back up only to find that one person had at that time recently asked for a contact. It was her. 
I deleted it in a hurry. It was almost like she or it was waiting for me again.

Along time ago, we were in the same house that the incident with the dog took place. I was sitting comfortably at the table with a person who lived in the house. Everything was going fine when I saw something that hit me hard. We sat there talking when out of nowhere, the woman's eyes disappeared & in their place a pair of pitch black, piercing eyes appeared. It was only for a quick second, but in that time I read a message that I wasn't expecting. As I looked into those horrible eyes, the thoughts appeared to me, " I want to kill you."

Just as quickly, the black eyes disappeared & the woman's eyes reappeared. Since this time entities have indeed tried to kill me as you will read further on. I guess you can say my life isn't normal. I'm glad there wasn't a repeat of this. Once was enough.

One thing I've noticed as have others, is that when I'm agitated or talking about he supernatural, things begin to happen, such as the stereo turning itself on full blast by itself. This went on for quite a while. It scared the hell out of me the first time it happened. I wasn't expecting it. I had been talking with a friend & all I got to hear was this full blast of music blasting at me. Or, the time the light bulb blew. I don't just mean stopped working or broke. I mean it blew like a mini bomb going off in pieces. 

Not all things are so dramatic though. My father was a carpenter by trade. He has long  since crossed over. For the longest time, I would see him in places unexpectedly. It always is a great comfort when this happens. 

I love working with wood as my dad did. Trouble is, I'll never be as good as he was. One day, I was trying to do something with wood in a project I was doing. I was getting frustrated with myself. Everything was going fine until I got stuck. I knew I wasn't going to get any further than I had so I decided to ask for dad's help. 

What? You didn't know you could talk to them in real life? Of course you can. They  are more alive than you & I are & are more than willing to help us here on earth. All you have to do is ask & watch for the signs. As you practice your gifts, they become stronger & easier to do when you need them. 

My request was no sooner out when I realized he was with me. He told me how to do the first part & then he would stop until I finished that part. He would then move onto the next part until I finished that. This happened three times as he guided me in this project. Within a few minutes, all was done with out incident & just as dad would have done it. Thanks Dad. I love you & Mom.

That time taught me a valuable lesson. Dad was there to help whenever I needed him as is my Mom. They have both came to my aid when I needed them the most. As I am writing this, I just had a realization of them being here with me, seeing what I'm I'm doing. Their love & support is very real. I know they will both be there to continue to be there for me & the family. We all know this. 

Since that time I've called on them both to help in situations where I needed their help or guidance. They have never failed me & I know they won't. The extent of their love for me even from their continued life fills me with the feeling & knowledge that they will always be there for me & I have no worries nor concerns about them. I know where they are.

My son has told me various times about hearing voices, not in his head, but down in our basement. He has woken me up telling me that he hears these voices talking together as a group would. I had thought that maybe there was someone outside the first time he mentioned it to me, but, no one was there.When I questioned him about it, he told me there were numerous voices but he couldn't make out what they were saying. It was like it was muffled. This has happened more then once. 

He has also mentioned more than once about the same time as the voices, hearing a roaring noise & the sound of something huge rolling & chasing him. He ran into my room a long time ago, telling me of this rolling noise & that it was chasing him. I questioned him about it more than once. He insists that as he ran away from it, he ran into his bedroom. The noise bypassed his room & went into mine where it stopped. I hadn't heard the sound but it has occurred more than once. Always the same. he once asked what would happen if it caught him? I don't know. I wish I had an answer for this. He is quite concerned. I know he is very sensitive in such things.

My eldest daughter had a problem quite a while ago with her boyfriend. I remember she came to me asking if she could talk with me. Of course, I told her " yes." There must have been a lot of energy around at the time. As she was about ot speak, I saw the words she was about to say. I stopped her before she ever got started & said, " This is what you wanted to ask me." She confirmed that to was. This happened three times during this conversation, always the same with me seeing the words she was about to say before she opened her mouth to speak them.

Our family has had their share of instances where spirits manifested themselves to us in various forms, some good & some not so good. It seems that when you get right down to it, as good as some can be, others can be quite the opposite. 

A few years ago, we had a incident, for want of a better word with a spirit that played havoc with our family, especially my eldest son. He was quite young at the time, & it scared the hell out of him. Then again, it would have shocked an adult. 

We had never dealt with anything in the supernatural in this respect before. To be honest, I seriously hope I never have to again. We have a habit in our family of constantly joking around & teasing each other with all kinds of things. 

One night, my son decided to go out to the kitchen to get something from the refrigerator. He had left the light off & felt an urging to look out the window which looks out over the back yard. My house in the back looks out over various neighbours homes with a clear view of everything. All of a sudden I heard him call my name telling me to get out to the kitchen.When I went out to see what he wanted, he said there was an old woman in a long, white, flowing dress with a veil over her face standing on a lawn chair on the neighbours step. I looked & saw nothing. I thought he was kidding.I no sooner got back in the living room, when I heard a scream from him that made me jump up to see what the problem was. I ran out to the kitchen again to find him crying & shaking. 

" Dad, I see her again. She's still standing on the chair & she's waving at me." I looked again but still saw nothing. Clearly, he did see something or someone. I asked him to describe this woman to me & he did. It had frightened him so badly that I had a hard time trying to calm him down. I asked him to come outside  with me & show me where she was standing. It took alot of convincing but after awhile, he reluctantly agreed. No one else saw anything out of the ordinary except him. I had become concerned about this whole thing.

       A few days later, he came home from school telling me about seeing this same woman appearing to him & waving while he would be at school. Weeks went by with appearances like this, her showing herself to him & waving to him, as he called it. It didn't make sense that a spirit would simply wave to him. Finally, it hit me. She wasn't waving to him. She was beckoning to him to come to her. I had him show me exactly what she was doing & sure enough, she was calling him. When I realized this, the only thing I could sense was danger. She was after him. Usually, spirits don't have negative ambitions like this, but this one certainly did. She proved herself later on to be a negative entity in so many ways. He was marked by her for death.

One night he rushed into the house in a panic. He had seen her nearby. She was beckoning to him & he said it looked like she was throwing fire balls repeatedly. I got on the net & also talked with some of my friends who also deal in the paranormal. They all agreed that this was no ordinary spirit, & yes, chances were, she was after him & not in a good way. I needed a solution & fast.

Winter came a few weeks later, In our area, we get lots of snow. Our son had been walking past the graveyard near our home & came running into the house again & out of breath. " Dad, I saw her again." This is the same graveyard where alot of the activity goes on I have written about in this blog. I had him take me to the exact place where he had seen her. We both waded  through deep snow to get to the place where she was. He informed me that she had been standing over a headstone pointing down at it. I was curious as to why she would do this. Obviously, she was trying to relay a message. I stopped when I saw the name on the stone. It was our last name. 

There are many times when we would be walking together & he would see her. I once had him stand still & allow me to approach her. She'd vanish every time I went near her. It became so bad at the house, that screams would come from my son as we would be watching TV. Out of nowhere he would let loose. He had seen her looking in the window of the living room.  Not right up to it but close. This happened many times. One time, he woke me up screaming, " She's looking at me dad through my bedroom window." My son's bedroom is on the second floor with no way to get up there.Whoever this person was, she was levitating to get a look at him.

My eldest daughter started having problems with this same spirit. We were walking home one day from the store. There was my daughter, my son & myself. Once again, he informed me that she was directly ahead standing on the sidewalk blocking our way. She stood there staring at us. My daughter dropped full force on the ground screaming in pain. She had been stabbed in the calf of her leg. No blood, but definitely an attack. She lay there for several minutes crying in pain. I helped her back to the house & yes, the spirit vanished as soon as I headed toward her. These attacks went on for quite a few months.

One Sunday afternoon, I decided to walk down the paths of the cemetery for a quiet stroll with the family. Quite a few people use this area to meditate or just find a quiet place of solitude. All was going well. Meanwhile I was still trying to find a way to get this being out of our lives. It just wasn't going to go on its own. I was walking ahead of everyone else looking at the various stones & scenery when my son hollered at me, " Dad, don't move. She's right behind you." I froze. She vanished when I turned around & I started to slowly walk again. It happened again for the second time. The same thing. I stopped dead in my tracks. "Tell me what she's doing." 

What I heard shocked me. "She's right behind you. She's standing over you with a long,shiny knife. She's gonna stab you in the back." I turned around quickly to see if I'd be able to see her. I couldn't, but as I turned, my son informed me that at that moment she vanished. He was in a panic to say the least. 

  At the very spot that she tried to attack me was a headstone. For some unknown reason, I happen to look down at the stone. I couldn't believe it. On the stone are three names. A mans with the dates of birth & death. A woman's with no dates but who was obviously dead for quite a while, & a third man with the dates. The date of birth on the first heading read...  April 23, 1855, exactly 99 years to the day of my birth. The attack took place right at this stone.

I consulted people in the know searching for answers. Finally, I talked to my daughter's boyfriend. He gave me the clue I needed to deal with whatever this was. He told me to talk to the Creator. That's where I would find my answers. " He will tell you what to do to get rid of this thing when it is the right time." That made sense. I waited for the answer & it finally came weeks later. It was like a flash of insight. The answer was just there. I remember saying to another person, " I have to go to the graveyard. I was just told how to stop this thing."

I gathered together what I needed & we headed down to the stone where the spirit tried to get me. I had no fear or reservations. This was something that had to be done & now was the time. I was just determined to rid us of this menacing spirit.

When we arrived, I knelt down at the same grave she tried to attack me at. This is what I was told to do. This is where I was told to begin. I took out the scented oil & made the appropriate sign in obedience to what I was being told to do. All done. I offered up prayers as directed & finished with the ceremony. 

The person I was with started walking up the path further into the cemetery. I was still kneeling at the grave, in front of the stone, when we both heard this tremendous " BOOM." It sounded like a heavy iron door being slammed shut. It was so loud it echoed throughout the graveyard. This is a fairly large cemetery we were in, & there is nothing around that would make such a sound let alone such an echoing sound. And then total silence. We looked at each other in disbelief. " Did you hear that?" I asked. She replied that she had. There are houses in the nearby area but no one seemed to hear it. My guess is that no one heard it except us. To this day though, we haven't had anymore trouble with this spirit. I believe whatever happened that day, it was locked away behind that door.

Seeing a spirit can be a bit nerve wracking to say the least when you're not expecting it. We had been spending a few days at relatives during the summer break. The boys & I decided to camp out in the backyard for the fun of it. They have a huge field behind the house. It was about 10 PM & Aaron, my oldest son & I decided to call it a night. He headed out the front door ahead of me when I stopped in my tracks, for want of a better word. I turned to face the door when out of nowhere there appeared a woman with long, straight, grayish hair that ran down her back toward her waist. She was thin & about in her early sixties. What struck me was the fact that behind her was a round, white light, below her shoulder  just emanating. She stood there, looking at me with her hands folded across each other in front of her, resting on her chest. She had a look of peacefulness about her. I stood there staring. The vision only lasted a few seconds at the most. I mentioned it to Aaron, who told me that she had appeared to him also as he was coming out of the washroom just minutes before. I don't know why she was there or why she was sent. Maybe in time we will find out the reason.

A few weeks ago, I had another appearance happen that scared the shit out of me. It wasn't that it was scary, just that I wasn't expecting it to happen.
I went into the kitchen to get a cup of coffee one morning. Kids are always coming here to hang out with  my children, so I thought nothing of it when I saw a boy about 12 walk up the back step to the door. I went ahead & made my coffee & forgot all about seeing him. I headed upstairs with my coffee to my room when I jumped. The same boy was standing between my daughter's room & my son's room staring at my bedroom. I have a native symbol on the door of a Makwa, ( bear). He just stood there in a black suit, hair neatly combed & stared. I nearly threw my coffee when I saw him. I didn't know he had passed through the door & went upstairs. Scared the crap out of me. I laugh about it now. He's welcome anytime.

I mentioned it to the kids. A few days later, Adam , my other son came to me to tell me that he also had seen this same boy in the house & then he vanished. It of course doesn't bother us as we have had things like this go on for years. Every once in a while we do get company for whatever reason.  

As a Native by heritage, we attend various celebrations of our people. One year we attended one of the powwows in our area. It's a time to honor each other, Mother Earth & the Creator. We show our joy & respect for what the Creator has given us. I had entered the Sacred Circle where the dancing takes place. I'm a dancer. 

We were honoring our Native brothers who have served in the various wars. The government sometimes has a hard time acknowledging us for our contributions. Yes, It still goes on.
We started the dance by shaking hands with the different warriors who stood in a line before us. It was their time of honor. When I came to one of the brothers, he took me in his arms & gave me a big bear hug. I mean it was a bear hug. This man overpowered me by a mile. He is an elder & has a spirit of pure love.

I danced the rest of that day & was tired to say the least when I was done. I dance hard. My family & myself decided to call it a day & sit at a picnic table that was near the area of our tent. I was resting, & yet, I was so alive with the joy that I felt from a day of being able to share the dance with others.

I looked up & that same elder was coming over the crest of the hill toward us. I didn't recognize him as I had met so many people that day. He stopped at our table, resting his hands on it & said, " I know you & I know your whole family." Wow! I didn't know what to say. He took me by surprise.

He began telling of when he hugged me in the Circle. It was then that I remembered. He called his wife, Anna over to meet us & told her about what had happened that day. I wasn't sure where he was going with this until he explained.

He said that he was a high priest. I was honored that he took the time to speak to me. He said that he had been told to give me a hug instead of a handshake. When he did, he said that he felt something. Anna asked him whether it was energy or what? His reply was, " No. This man  has such a gentle spirit about him. I had to hug him, & when I did, it was like a spirit came out of him & entered my body.

He said it was like living electricity coming out of me & entering him. I hadn't realized this had happened. I am truly honored that I met this couple this day. When the powwow was over, this same man came over to me & we talked. We promised to meet again in the Sacred Circle & hopefully one day we will. I felt like there was something he needed to say to me but maybe the time wasn't right. I don't know.
I wrapped my arms around him & gave him a hug. I whispered in his ear, " The Creators blessings on you my brother." He stopped, looked at me & I saw tears starting to form in his eyes. Love in action.
Megwetch ( Thank you.)

  Do I tell these things for the sake of pride or seeking something that would spiritually & possibly physically or emotionally harm me in time? No! The only reason I mention them such as the last story, is because I am truly humbled & honored  as I feel I have been blessed to have experienced these things in my life.

I used to wonder when I was younger what my life was all about. I have since seen blessings that others have received & I too have received in turn from knowing them.I believe that unless we are blessing others with our lives & we are receiving blessings in return, we become stagnant & cannot grow to who we are as a person.

With each incident that I've experienced, I've come to realize that I have grown no matter how rough it was or how much of a struggle it was for me. It has taught me things of value that I will never forget. Things that I cherish & use in my daily life. I have become stronger because of all that I have gone through. Would I wish some of these things on others so they could grow? Not on your life. We all have our own paths to follow. You may not be able to handle my paths as I may not yours. This path was chosen for me before I was born as was yours, & I must follow it. If we search out our own lives, seeking the right path for ourselves, we will find it in time. Then & only then will we really know who we are & what our purpose in life is. 

I've done a lot of sensing in the local cemetery & have quite a number of experiences. Most were not negative. Some were baffling & I can  honestly say that they are all worth remembering. One such event happened a couple years ago. We were in the graveyard as was our regular ritual looking for signs of paranormal activity. We had just finished climbing a hill that is in the center of the cemetery when things started to happen. Keep in mind that we have spent numerous hours in this place in the past. A lot of what I have written has taken place in this same area, right in or near the center of the cemetery. The only activity we had encountered that night was the old man I have previously mentioned walking below us in the valley. 

He only appeared for a few seconds then vanished. As far as I could tell, he didn't even know we were there. About five minutes after I saw him, we decided to head over to the old part where there are alot of older graves. We both started to walk toward the brow of the hill & we stopped. Something was wrong & we both noticed it. We became confused about our direction. For some reason, we didn't know where we were, as far as direction goes.

We, as I have said, have spent many months over a span of years in this place.We know this area better than any other we have been in. It's just around the corner from my place so there is no way of getting lost. We have walked among the graves in the pitch dark with no problem at all. For some unknown reason though, we couldn't function properly. It had hit both of us at the same time. We were totally lost & couldn't get our bearings. Nothing made sense. It was like we were in a strange place. Nothing appeared the same as we knew it should be. The only thing we  could do was stand still & try to figure out what the hell was gong on.

    This graveyard is one of those where weird things happen not only to us but to others as well, hoping to see things from the other side. It took us a few minutes to figure out what was happening to us. We have friends who have through curiosity gone into this cemetery, only to find themselves terrified at things they have seen that they weren't expecting. Things that appear as non human to them. I've heard some interesting stories from these people & I don't doubt what I've been told. There's more going on than we realize. I do know that. 

I strongly advise, unless you're willing to face the unexpected, it may be wise to give certain things a second thought before diving into it without experience or knowledge on what you might face. I'm not saying you shouldn't enter into certain situations. All I'm saying is, make sure you're prepared. Everything I have written here is very real. I should know. It happened to us & it still goes on. There's more that isn't even written here. On the average, those from the spirit realm are loving & kind, but there is the other side too.

It seemed like we had entered some kind of portal. It looked different in some respects. Some things didn't look the same as we knew it. We did make it out alright. Yet, we still talk about that night &  have strange feelings deep inside us, remembering what it felt like, the confusion, the bewilderment of not understanding. 

We have seen what we call " tree spirits," on occasions in this area. It is our belief & teachings that all things have a spirit. We, here at home have proven that our ancestors were right in this teaching. There have been numerous times when I personally have seen these spirits appear from behind certain trees. They appear  in dark forms. Shy, if you will, & never leaving the tree from were they come from. I have seen them hanging around the bottom of trees & also high up in the trees watching us. Then, it seems when they realize that they have been seen, they either vanish or I have seen them withdraw into the tree itself. They seem curious & nothing more. When I see a tree spirit, it is one of the highlights when I sense. They are part of Nature itself. That part that keeps the tree alive in its strength, testifying to years & maybe centuries of wisdom & life. 

Never dismiss anything as imagination. It could be something very real. We are taught that such things don't exist. That the spiritual world is a myth. Trust me, it is very, very real. I have seen it. Many other's too have seen & experienced those  who are in spirit form whether they are from the next world or this world. 
They really do exist. 
All we have to do is open our eyes, be willing to accept & watch for the signs. You just may be surprised at what happens in you life too.       

                                                     Dalton Lasher

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